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I've been working in On-Air promotion for more than 18 years and in Digital content production for over 5 years. During this time I've produced plenty of amazing promo campaigns, cut award-winning movie trailers, created On Air branding for renowned TV channels across Europe. I've also produced amazing content for digital video channels and social networks. Here are some of my works. 

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Perfume: The Story of the Murderer


I'm one of these rare editors, producers and project managers who really LOVE making clients' videos, sales reels, show reels and other marketing and sales materials. Yes, I enjoy working with these clients - Marketing managers, Sales managers, Distribution managers. Yes, I know how to read the brief between the lines figuring out what do they really need. No, I'm never irritated by the chain of approvals and endless amendments. Yes, I'm fine with changing the music at the very last moment. I've been in the shoes of these managers for so many years and I just really know what do they expect to see in the end. Here are some of the reels I've made for different companies. 

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As a project manager and a part of a Marketing team I participated in launch and re-branding of bigger Global TV brands being responsible for consistency of On Air, Off Air and Digital creative development, articulating the tone of voice and formulating brand attributes. Here are few of the projects I'm very proud of.

I love experimenting and always try to get involved into something new and creative. Working as a cameraman, editor and producer with content productions and filmmakers, even just making trailers for new feature films,  is an amazing experience and I enjoy it a lot. 


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Flat 3, Canema, Crockenhill

Kent, BR8 8JG

Media Specialist/Producer/ Video Editor

Avid // Final Cut Pro // Premiere// AfterEffects

Available for freelance and contract jobs




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